Our Home

Here is a little "virtual tour" of our house (and our home projects),
as well as some of the parties we've thrown at our digs.

Front of the house
The entrance, to our humble abode

The hallways- which help you get from place to place.

Living Room
A place where we live most...

Dining Room
Where we eat when we want to be fancy.

Where the food is made.

Powder Room
The bathroom visitors use most.

Spare Bedroom
Where  anyone who sleeps over at our house.
  • antique dresser setup and nautical finds

Craft Room
Another spare bedroom, but also my crafty haven.

Master Bedroom
Our comfy place

Master Bathroom
Our cat's favorite room, but also a place to shower. lol


Hall Bathroom
My least favorite room in the entire house (for some reason)
(New Post coming soon- This room got an makeover!)

Our deck oasis- aka. my favorite project to date.